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Automatic Cold Room Storage Doors

Mayso Sogutma’s produced automatic sliding door provides perfect controls with a unique electronic control system. In side the room doors can be openable with the manual button as well as automatically. Even if a person forgets to open the door, the system automatically closes the door after a while, because  sliding doors completed with occupancy sensors to avoid any accident/stucking through the door enterance.

Even if you do not push the manual button with your hand while you are in the warehouse, if you approach the front of the door, a human heat sensitive automatic door sensor enters the unit and opens the door. At the same time, it removes potential accidents and jamming

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, thus raising safety to the upper level.

Our doors are also designed to be manually operable in open mode to keep the door open for as long as necessary during unloading and loading.
When there is no entry or exit within a certain period of time when the door is opened, the door automatically closes, and at the same time, when the door is closed during the closing process, or when the door is opened from the inside, the door will be opened again

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