Flake ice machine for industrial bakeries

If you have a bakery and want to make dough for any product, you have to use a flake ice machine and cold water for your dough product. This is kind of a rule and you can find it easily on the internet with a short surf. Professionals say; “Use ice water for the dough!”. Likewise, industrial large production bakeries use ice water in yeast doughs to obtain higher quality products.


Why do Bakers use ice water for the dough?

Ovens use ice in products such as bread dough, pizza dough, and pita dough. The most ideal type of ice to use in the production of these doughs is flake ice. So why use ice? Because in the mixing process of the dough, there is the friction caused by the mixing tool. However, the dough must be kept cold. The yeast gradually ferments when the dough is kept cold. The dough mixed with ice gets the right flavor and has good elasticity. If the dough is made quickly or gets too hot while mixing, the yeast will ferment too quickly. The overheated dough will rise too much and take on a sour taste. Due to the swelling tears may occur while the dough is stretched. To eliminate these undesirable flavors and the risk of tearing the dough

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, ice is used in dough production.

flake ice machine for bread bakeries

Why should flake ice be used for dough production?

The most suitable type of ice for dough making is flake ice. The use of flake ice in dough production processes is common. Flake ice helps the mixing device to produce the most suitable dough when mixing dough. It mixes perfectly with the dough and produces the optimum result during the fermentation process. When the products are from dough a higher quality image is obtained.


Which flake ice machine is best for bakeries?

This depends on your company’s needs and production capacity. Mayso offers solutions with different production capacities for these needs. Our products have a daily production capacity of between 0.5 Tons to 30 Tons of flake ice. If you want more info about flake ice machines, click here!


Does Mayso have experience in producing flake ice machines for bakeries?

Our products have the quality. We have produced ice machines for many companies. If you are wondering which brands we work with, please click here and check our references.

Also, as the Mayso, we produced the largest ice machine for The Wholesale Fish Market of Istanbul. This machine has 120 tons of flake ice production capacity. If you want to know more info about this machine, click here!


What should be the feature of the flake ice machine used for dough production?

Flake ice machines used for ovens should have healthy and high quality. It should be user-friendly and have an easy system for anyone to use. Thus, without any extra training, you can use it quickly. Because the use of ice produces visible results in dough making. Even a few degrees difference can change the quality of the dough.


industrial flake ice machine for bakeries


You will also see that the dough you produce by using a flake ice machine has a smooth surface and is easier. You will see a higher-quality appearance after the cooking stage.

Now, by clicking here, how would you like to examine the technical specifications of the freshwater flake ice machines we produce for ovens? If you wish, you can also contact us by clicking here. 
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Flake ice machine for industrial bakeries

If you have a bakery and want to make dough for any product, you have to use a flake ice machine and cold water for y...

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