Why is dough prepared with flake ice and cold water?

Why is dough prepared with flake ice and cold water?

Every day we prepare dough for bread, bagels, pastries, and many more. Why do we use cold water and flake ice when the dough is made? Why do professionals, chefs, and bakers mix dough with flake ice and cold water? If you are wondering the answer to these questions, this is for you.


What is Dough?

Let’s start with a piece of simple information first. In Wikipedia “dough is a kneadable, elastic food made from grains or legumes.” It is typically made by mixing flour, water, and some liquid of our choice. Also, baking powders, various oils, and ingredients can be used for some products.


Why do we use ice and cold water when the dough is darkening?

We produce dough by mixing components such as flour, water, yeast. During this process, the dough heats up due to the mixing machine or our movements. However, the dough should not be overheated. If the dough gets too hot, the fermentation process will accelerate. The dough rises too much and starts to the risk of tearing. Whether you are making dough at home or in a large oven, you need to keep the dough cold. For this reason, we add ice and cold water to help keep the dough cold. Thus, we ensure that the fermentation takes too slowly. After all this progress, the bakery products we bake gain a better taste and appearance.

If you want to make a better dough, we have to use flake ice and fresh cold water. Coldwater helps in the pulping process, while ice ensures that this process is completed most efficiently. Flake ice most compatible ice with the dough mixer. It helps the dough ingredients to be mixed in the best way. With its flake structure, it integrates perfectly into the dough and keeps it cold. Fermentation takes place gradually with flake ice. Undesirable flavors do not appear. After resting, the dough is easily processed. Your product has a perfect appearance when they come out of the oven. In the image below, you can see the differences between dough prepared using only cold water and dough prepared using both cold water and ice.


dough with flake ice and cold water


Flake ice machines are generally produced industrially. If you are mixing dough at home, you can break the ice by hand or pass it through an ice breaker, and you can use them for your dough with fresh cold water.

If you do industrial production you should automate it. Take a flake ice machine and cold water machine integrated into your dough mixer and produce dough. Thus, you can bring out the best quality products for your customers.


What are the flake ice machines and models for ovens?

This depends on your production capacity. As Mayso, we produce flake ice machines for ovens with 25+ years of experience. We have produced solutions for many brands. If you want, you can review our references by clicking here. Our products have a daily production capacity of between 0.5 Tons and 30 Tons of flake ice. If you want to get more detailed information

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