industrial flake ice machine for fish

Industrial flake ice machine for fish

The most important process for fishermen is to ensure appearance, taste, and product quality. Fishermen use flake ice for this reason between the time the fish is caught and presented to consumers. The caught fish are immediate to the cooling process.


What are the benefits of cooling?

Refrigeration helps preserve the flavor of the fish and make it look as fresh as the first day. When caught fish is properly cooled, the time to catch or collect is increased. The increased catch or collection time provides a significant advantage for the fish industry. By creating suitable cooling conditions, you reach more products, create better quality storage conditions and earn more income.


What are the cooling methods in fishing?

There are several methods of storing products in industrial fishing. Some fishermen use freezers for long-term storage, transfer, or storage conditions. This method requires an extremely complex and expensive infrastructure. The other method is the most convenient and generally used method in the industry, and it is about using ice. Fishermen use ice for cooling products. This is so easy and suitable way.


Why is Flake Ice the most convenient and best cooling method for fishermen?

Flake ice has many advantages. Most importantly, it is cheap and has a high cooling capacity for products. Fish chilled with flake ice stays moist and removes bacteria from the fish surface as the ice melts. The shape of the flake ice has no sharp edges and produces a better quality cooling process of these fish products. Flake ice provides perfect contact with the fish and does not damage the products. It is the most suitable product for fishing-based storage, which everyone can use very easily.

industrial flake ice machine for fish


What is the biggest advantage of flake ice?

The biggest advantage for fishermen is that they can buy a machine that produces flake ice and produce it wherever they want. You can choose the most suitable machine on the ship or land, and you can produce as much ice as you want, whenever you want.

For flake ice production, you can choose machines that produce freshwater or salt. Both types of ice have their advantages.

You save money after the first investment cost and, you only cover the technical maintenance costs. Thus, you do not buy more or less ice than necessary, and you do not pay the storage costs of it. With a built-in flake ice machine production, you start earning immediately.


Production with 25+ years of experience and quality.

Mayso offers many flake ice machine models with a daily production capacity of 0.5 Tons to 30 Tons

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, to our valuable fishermen. Our machines are produced in accordance with whether you want to produce on land or at sea. Our machines, which produce flake ice according to your needs, have a proven quality on the market. The machine with a daily production capacity of 120 tons of Flake Ice for the Wholesale Fish Market of Istanbul was made by us. You can also read our blog post on this topic by clicking here.

Our products are produced with a deep experience and an innovative perspective. Our machines are designed to withstand all kinds of environment and climatic conditions. Our machines are suitable for the production of high-quality flake ice and provide the most efficient cooling for fish products, keeping your energy costs to a minimum.

If you are curious about our industrial flake ice machine for fish, you can learn more about their technical features by clicking here. Contact us directly if you need a more detailed conversation. Please click here to access our contact information. If you want to learn more about Mayso, please follow us on Facebook.

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industrial flake ice machine for fish
Industrial flake ice machine for fish

The most important process for fishermen is to ensure appearance, taste, and product quality. Fishermen use flake ice...

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