Water cooling machine for bakeries

Water cooling machine for bakeries

It is one of the greatest wishes to produce products that look good for bakeries. If you are making pastry, you should use cold water while preparing the dough and Its small water cooling device is not enough, a water cooling machine is required for industrial-type bakeries.

Why do bakeries use a water cooling machine?

Bakeries want to present the products to their customer with the best quality. Some small points are important to this quality. Cold water is one of these components. While mixing the dough


, dough interacts with the mixing machine and gets hot due to friction. Yeast can take on a sour taste in dough. It can cause tearing to the dough. To prevent all this, ovens use cold water.

What are the benefits of using cold water in ovens?

Cold water directly holds to the flour during the dough formation process and helps to produce the most beautiful dough. If you are using butter etc., the oils used will not melt during the dough mixing process. Cold water prevents the fat from melting in the dough. During this process, the cold water clings to the flavor instead of small pieces of fat and you get a perfect dough. Your dough does not absorb cold water as easily as warm water, it stays soft for longer.


water cooling machine for bakeries

What is the daily capacity of the water cooling machine for bakeries?

It depends on your business capacity. Our team produced water cooling machines for many brands operating in Turkey and around the world. Our products provide water cooling between 100 liters and 500 liters per hour. Click here to examine our water cooling machines and models in detail.

Is the water cooling machine used for any other reason in the ovens?

The water cooling machines produced by Mayso have used cold water and flake ice production because bakeries need a flake ice machine for the dough mixing process. Our water cooling machine can be integrated with our flake ice machine, making the ice-making process more efficient. It can be arranged and applied to the demand. If you are also looking for a flake ice machine for bakeries, please click here to see our flake ice machine and models.

If you’re wondering how the flake ice machine is used in ovens, check out our blog post about it.

At what temperature does the cold water machine work for the dough?

The water cooling machines produced by Mayso have a +1 degree water cooling feature. These machines are specially produced upon the request of our customers. With this cold water, maximum efficiency is achieved in the dough mixing process.

Why should you choose Mayso for the water cooling machine?

Mayso has been producing cooling systems and ice machines for 25+ years. Our company, which produces the largest ice machine in Turkey, is the solution partner of many international brands. Please click here and review the brands that choose us. If you want to get to know Mayso better don’t forget to like and follow our Facebook account.

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